How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized This Winter

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How To Keep Your Hair Moisturized This Winter

Practicing self-care and maintaining your own sense of personal beauty should be a priority all year long — especially in the winter months. Making sure everything from your hands to your hair is moisturized and taken care of is critical for long-term health and starting the upcoming new year off right. To keep yourself feeling like royalty, THE LONDONER hair salon in California has a simple step-by-step routine you can follow to ensure your hair stays healthy and moisturized!

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Get Frequent Trims

Regular hair salon appointments at THE LONDONER, Anthony Morrison’s own high-end establishment, help to make sure your hair is growing as well as it can. Frequently trimming the ends of your hair encourages more growth while also getting rid of split and broken ends; this, in turn, keeps your hair healthy and helps it retain more moisture. Schedule regular hair styling appointments at THE LONDONER salon and make sure you’re always looking your best!

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Try Hair Botox or Moisturizing Treatments

If you notice your hair tends to dry out during the winter, perhaps more than is normal, a hair botox treatment from THE LONDONER salon is perfect! This type of hair salon service is actually a deep conditioning treatment, designed to “fill in” thin strands of hair and produce a more voluminous, full look; along with other moisturizing treatments, hair Botox can help prevent your hair from being too dry in the winter. Contact Anthony Morrison’s THE LONDONER salon now to get started!

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Lower the Water Temperature & Avoid Heat

The primary culprit behind dry hair in the winter is an excess of heat, which in turn eliminates moisture over time. At our THE LONDONER hair salon, we recommend washing your hair with water that’s a little cooler than normal, in order to avoid exposing your hair to excessive heat. Similarly, it’s best during the winter to avoid hair styling with heat — such as using hair straighteners and curling irons — or to use these products at a lower heat setting. Learn more tips at THE LONDONER salon today!

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Avoid Frequent Hair Washes

While it is important to make sure your hair is clean and free of excess oil, at Anthony Morrison’s THE LONDONER salon, we advise our clients to avoid washing their hair too often. If you start to notice your hair is getting drier and more frizzy during the winter, keep it moisturized by reducing the frequency of washes. This avoids you inadvertently stripping natural oils from your hair and causing overall dryness!

Keep looking your best no matter the weather with these hair care tips from THE LONDONER salon! Our owner, Anthony Morrison, and the entire staff is dedicated to helping you realize your hair dreams and making sure you feel like royalty. Browse all our hair care treatments now and book your reservation!

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